5 Fun Ways To Drive Email Marketing Sign Ups


Having a solid email marketing strategy is becoming more and more apparent for brands particularly as we leave lockdown and begin to go about our normal days. With this in mind, how well are your email marketing campaigns performing? Have you seen a slowdown in the number of users requesting to sign up? If so, you could be missing out on a few important factors! Check them out, below!


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01. Offer Exclusive Birthday Discounts (Get The Party Poppers Out!)

We all like a freebie, especially on our birthday’s and what better way to celebrate the birthdays or months of your customers than by offering a discount. You can choose exactly how long you would like the discount to be available for, with many selecting a week to a month-long period. You can also dictate how many times the code can be used, with some offering a larger 1 time use only discount and others multiple, smaller discounts that can be used during its valid period.

Top Tip

In order to target these customers by their birth dates, you’ll need to have already collected this information. To make things quicker, you can segment each user into the right birth month and automatically send the email out on the first of the month or a date of your choice such as a week before the big day. You could go one step further and set up a Facebook Ads campaign to target the same pool of users, re-reaching out to them via Facebook and Instagram to remind them of their birthday treat.

02. Provide Something Exclusive (Don’t Just Think Discount)

One of the best ways to attract email marketing sign ups is through providing something exclusive. For example, when a user signs up, they receive 10% off their first purchase or if an existing email customer spends £X amount on the website, they receive a free gift using a code. If they regularly engage with your email campaigns, you could also consider offering them a further or extended discount to say thanks to encourage them to keep going.

03. Give Back To Your Customers (Make It Worth Their While)

Giving back to your customers is an excellent way to drive brand visibility. Whether you want to celebrate smaller milestones such as the first 6-months a user has been subscribed, or those that are longer term (one year+), you could take the opportunity to say thank you. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant – a simple message letting the customer know that you see them and appreciate their commitment.

Top Tip

Retargeting can be a gem when it comes to regaining the interest of a customer regardless of whether they are a new customer or a returning user. For example, if a user logs in to their account and add X product to their basket, consider an automated email campaign to be sent out highlighting that X product is still in their basket to purchase. If the user still does not make a purchase, consider sending a follow up campaign for X products with a 5-10% discount or free shipping for a limited time. Afterall, it’s all about getting that sale across the line!


Don't Take Your Customers For Granted


04. Celebrate Your Business (Shout About Your Milestones!)

Any business hitting any milestone should take the occasion as an opportunity to celebrate and, through email marketing, you can get your customers involved in your celebration too. Whether you’re celebrating your first year of trading, the launch of a new product or clothing line or something entirely different, the best way to celebrate is to shout about it. Here, you can also consider providing some sort of discount to your customers or a free gift when they buy the new product or garment to give back.

05. Take Notice Of Your Customers (Build A Close Relationship)

In order to make your email marketing a success, you want to make sure that you’re taking notice of your customers – their wants and needs. There are so many approaches to email marketing and, whilst one strategy or idea may work for one business, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll be as successful as you, even if that business operates in the same industry or is a competitor.

There are several ways to take notice of your customers including by monitoring what they have to say about your brand or product. Social listening is an excellent way to keep up to date on what you may be missing out on, potentially helping you to get ahead of the curve. It can also allow you to spy on other businesses, without explicitly signing up to their email marketing to get the insight you need. You can also compare the results of your email marketing campaigns to that of the industry, benchmarking your business amount the average open rate and click rate. Though this won’t necessarily give you any ideas to improve your campaign directly, it will help to measure up how your efforts and performing.

06. To Summarise

Getting in front of your audience isn’t easy. Especially when it’s not possible to hit the “follow” or “like” button. You need to have a strong all-round marketing strategy in order to encourage people to sign up to your newsletter or general email communications. These small, yet effective additions to your strategy may help to draw more people in, encouraging further sign ups and sales in the long run.


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Jasmine McKenzie
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