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Across the globe we are all connected through one, powerful digital tool: social media. Your social media services are your business’ opportunity to connect to the world in a creative, informative and social manner to push your company into the wider world and generate more sales and leads. As an experienced social media marketing London agency, we can help you connect to your ideal audience, spark brand or product interest, drive traffic to your website and, most importantly, build valuable relationships with your customers. A driving force of the digital revolution, brands need to invest in their social strategy before it’s too late. We offer fully comprehensive paid social media management agency packages, so you can invest into your paid social media activities through one, coherent and brand aligned social media digital marketing campaign.

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Social Audit

Auditing is the first step to social media advertising success. You’ve got to set the benchmark and goals to know how to progress, and this is where our social media consultant London steps in. As an expert social agency, we will deliver a bespoke social media audit report for your business. This will include a detailed review of your engagement metrics and assessing how you can use paid social marketing to monetise your social media campaign. Alongside the numbers, we will also review your target audience, conduct a thorough competitor review and assess the content and design of your social media pages. Together, this will create a strong foundation to your social media strategy and form the roadmap to social media marketing success.

Facebook Advertising

With a user base of 1.5 billion users, Facebook is the largest and most established social media network and a prime spot for businesses to target. Through both paid and organic social, you can establish a strong brand voice and connect to users who are interested in your business. Facebook paid advertising works particularly well for targeting specific audiences and creating shoppable content for an audience who will actively engage with your ads and click through to your website. Drive engagement exponentially and convert interest into clicks and sales with Facebook social media advertising.

LinkedIn Advertising

“Did you see that LinkedIn article?” Workers across the globe are glued to LinkedIn, making it the perfect platform for B2B social media marketing and tapping into the competitive corporate world. As experts in LinkedIn social media advertising, our social marketing agency can optimise your LinkedIn B2B offering and encourage new lead generation and traffic to your website through social connections. Better still, a strong LinkedIn campaign will raise the profile of your business and put you a step ahead of your competitors – a big win! Plus, you could grab your business the next best employee through an authentic and convincing LinkedIn profile.

Instagram Advertising

Rapidly growing and with a keen eye on shoppable social content, Instagram is the ideal platform for any retail, lifestyle or eCommerce brands looking to boost their audience engagement, increase traffic and encourage new sales. As a visual platform, Instagram marketing is ideally suited to showcasing your brand personality and products in the flesh to sell the feeling of your brand and encourage users to buy into that. This tactic thrives for both organic and native paid social. Visual communication is key in the digital revolution, so ensure your visual brand messaging is on target with a professional social media marketing agency.

TikTok Advertising

In 2020, TikTok sent the world spinning and demonstrated the vast power of social media growth and marketers and businesses cannot ignore the honeypot that is TikTok. A highly creative, visual platform, TikTok focuses on delivering short and snappy videos for the quick consumer generation and the opportunities for TikTok marketing are rife. With the chance to go viral with one click, brands who hone into the creative and collaborative focus of TikTok will raise their brand profile, drive business engagement and inspire a new consumer market. Speak to our social media London team to see how we can showcase your brand personality, build your business culture and rapidly increase your brand awareness with innovative TikTok content.

Twitter Advertising

With thousands of Tweets sent every second, Twitter is a micro-marketing goldmine, perfect for developing an authentic brand voice and talking directly to customers. Our social media marketing packages can include real time monitoring and replies on Twitter to boost your customer service and brand engagement to help foster a strong customer relationship and encourage repeat custom. Additional paid social advertising can be used to target your ideal audience, and works well for both lifestyle and corporate audiences depending on your brand following. Either way, we’ll make sure your ads cut through the noise to deliver a high rate of impressions and clicks.

YouTube Advertising

Build brand awareness and increase audience reach with a YouTube video advertising campaign. Technically the world’s second largest search engine, YouTube is a video streaming platform which is now a fundamental part of our digital lives, and brands can access this captive audience and drive their business message forward through video. Make the most of the soaring popularity of video by utilising this format to demonstrate your brand’s USPs, popular products or overall brand values to entice a new audience to click through to your website and learn more. Speak to our paid social agency team now!
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Category: PPC Case Studies Sector: Telecom

PiPcall approached the team at Absolute Digital Media in order to develop a strategy to structure the PPC account. As part of this, we provided in-depth insights into the types of users who interact online and to create traffic for IT users looking for alternative mobile solutions. With this data, we then setup the relevant tracking to understand the user flow and began to build out the user segments. The next stage of the campaign was to utilise the data to create targeted bespoke content for users, which enabled us to achieve a 70% increase in user sign-ups.

increase in traffic
increase in user sign ups

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Social Media Marketing Services Bespoke To Your Business

Here at Absolute Digital Media, we take our digital marketing strategies to the absolute limit of creativity and skill to deliver tangible results to our clients and help you reach your business goals. Our social media marketing company offering is no different. We will provide your business with a unique opportunity to build a social media marketing package bespoke to your brand, with goal focused KPIs and audience focused strategies. When it comes to paid media marketing, we have the skills and expertise necessary to enable your brand to flourish both through paid media opportunities and work closely with our other internal departments such as SEO and PPC to ensure we have a fully integrated and tailored strategy.

We’re not just your agency, we’re your partner; and we’re committed to creating innovative, engaging and results-driven social media digital marketing strategies which will bring your business new traffic, increase brand awareness and boost sales. When we partner with new companies, we see ourselves as an extension of your business’ team, your growth and success goals become our goals; we’re your very own social media agency with you every step of the way.

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The Social Media Marketing Agency A-Team

Meet your social media whizz’s! Our social media agency experts have a wealth of experience, are trained on the latest social media marketing tools and, importantly, have a whole host of innovative social media advertising ideas. Our social media management agency are experts in all things PPC and paid media, and social media channels are no different.

Get to know the team behind our creative social media services – welcome to the social media A-Team! See who makes up our social media marketing agency London team and get to know their experience and skills.

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You Social Media Marketing Business Questioned Answered

Everything You need To Know About Social Marketing Services!

For businesses looking to reap the reward of social media advertising, the choice of platforms, strategy behind each social channel and how to pitch your brand on social can be incredibly daunting. Luckily for you, our social media agency experts are on hand to smooth over the process and build you a fruitful social media marketing presence. We will start by conducting a social audit and review any social media activity you already have, your businesses’ target audience, your brand values and style, and what you want to achieve through social. We will then detail options for paid social media advertising and build the necessary profiles needed to take your business further.

As a leading social media agency UK, we can help guide you through all the pros and cons of each social media platform and identify the best social media channel for your business, industry and audience market. Ultimately, you want to target the social platform where your business will perform best and this is largely down to targeting social media advertising to where your ideal audience is so that your brand gets noticed and engaged with. For example, if you’re a B2B business, LinkedIn is the ideal platform. However, if you’re a retail or lifestyle brand, Instagram or even TikTok would be a top priority.

Paid social media marketing is an effective tool for your brand’s development and exposure. Here at Absolute Digital Media, we recommend a blended approach of both organic and paid social media marketing to enhance your brand messaging and reach new audiences. Paid social media is a fantastic way of reaching your target market and drawing new customers to your business, they also bring a high rate of engagement and a chance to monetise your social activity. However, you need a strong organic social media presence to back the paid activity up and to show your businesses’ authenticity to interested audiences.

Short answer, no – it’s not recommended to simply copy and paste the same social content across all your platforms and expect them to all perform well without angling it to the channels functions. However, you can build complementary strategies which incorporate a lot of the same posts for your chosen social media platforms, but you must play to the strengths and different audiences of each channel. For example, an image asset is going to work much better on Instagram rather than Twitter, and equally so, a brand building conversation exercise will perform well on Twitter or LinkedIn rather than Facebook.

Paid social media marketing is when a brand creates an ad or sponsored post for a social media channel. This can appear in many forms but the most popular paid social media strategy is native advertising. This is when an advert is packaged and delivered in the same way as the organic posts seen on social media. For example, a sponsored brand Instagram native advertising post would appear as an image with a caption in the targeted audiences’ news feed as they scroll and should hopefully, blend in with the usual content they engage with on social. By investing in non-disruptive social advertising, brands are likely to see an increase in engagements and impressions metrics and build their brand exposure with new audiences who may click through to the website and explore their products.

Yes – we can help re-optimise your existing social media advertising and marketing strategies to ensure each social media platform is bringing your brand useful exposure, insights and value actions from your followers. If your current social strategy is not performing as expected, we will undergo an audit and investigation as to why and create a new social strategy based on our findings, including what posts worked well for that channel, who your target market is and the relationship you want to build with your audience. This is why individual strategies for each social platform is necessary, and we can help craft yours to ensure premium performance is reached across all platforms.

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