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What Is Programmatic Advertising?

At its core, programmatic advertising is using software to buy digital advertising instead of the traditional path of advertising proposals, quotes and human negotiation. Instead, programmatic marketing focuses on programmatic buying technology to purchase the best ad display space. Programmatic marketing uses technical algorithms and machines to identify the best areas for advertising for your business and follows a programmatic buying code implemented and managed by the PPC expert to tailor the ad purchasing to your business. Programmatic ad buying makes the process of paid advertising much less labour intensive, freeing up our PPC specialists to focus on optimising and improving your ad campaign. However, rest assured, there is always a trained PPC consultant in charge of your programmatic advertisement campaign.

What Is Programmatic Marketing Important?

Optimise your paid ad investment with an efficient programmatic advertising strategy to increase ROI and drive conversions.


Real-Time Ad Optimisation

Programmatic marketing releases some of the pressure and menial tasks from the PPC marketer looking after your campaign, meaning that they have more time to fine-tune your programmatic advertisement. As modern digital advertising allows for a constant stream of data reporting and ad insights, your PPC account manager can focus their energy on optimising your programmatic advertisement according to the latest data – even the smallest tweaks can make a massive difference to your ad’s performance. This optimisation can also include A/B testing to test each level of the ad’s performance and repeat the top-performing strategy, leading to long term ad optimisation.


More Efficient & Less Waste

Programmatic advertising technology has developed leaps and bounds over the past decade, and it continues to progress further into AI-technology and machine learning. With optimisation at its heart, this enables your programmatic advertising plan to hone in on your target audience and where to find them – making every ad impression count. By optimising your programmatic ad buying and overall programmatic marketing campaign, you can ensure each ad spend is efficient and start to see an increase in ROI. The more your conversion rate rises, the more successful and efficient your programmatic advertisement is!


Data-Led Targeting

By continually monitoring your programmatic advertisement and contextualising the campaigns, you can drive results even further. This is when the PPC marketer targets specific consumers with each ad. This ad targeting can be based on demographics, location, interests, or behaviours and helps drive your ad’s click-through traffic as the people who see the programmatic advertisement are much more likely to be invested in it. By contextualising your programmatic advertising, you can deliver the perfect ad to your ideal consumer and the best time possible for them to engage with the brand and invest in your product or service.

Programmatic Advertising Tools

As a skilled programmatic advertising agency, our PPC experts are trained on the latest, top-performing programmatic advertising service tools including Google Analytics, Google Ads and SEMrush.

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Case Study

Quid Market
Category: PPC Case Studies Sector: Finance

A key part of our integrated approach to QuidMarkets campaign was to build an entirely new site from a search, pay-per-click and conversion perspective. The build also involved the successful migration of the site Magento 1 to Magento 2.

By taking the existing website apart, we were able to capitalise on UX design best practices and improve the site speed. Google’s CWVs were also at the top of our priority list with many decisions being based on the overall efficiency of the website which was then further supported by UX data from HotJar.

We reviewed search history and market competitors to create a more designed ad campaign targeting key industry terms around Payday, Short Loans, Direct Lenders and more before deploying Google Automation with a combination of target CPA and maximise conversion bidding to help use the additional signals from Google to enhance the bidding and to stabilise the WoW conversion performance.

As part of this, we developed a detailed keyword variation ad plan, targeting specific keyword ad groups and a variety of long-tail keywords. This included separating out campaigns into defined match types and set up the relevant keyword negative to filter out traffic.

We also provided Google with first-party data to feed its Machine Learning to further optimise the campaign and capture valuable users.

increase in conversions
reduction in CPL
increase in value generated

Your Programmatic Marketing Questions Answered By The PPC Experts

Programmatic advertising will benefit your business as it will bring a healthy conversion rate and ROI, resulting in a smart advertising decision for your business. In addition, programmatic buying is designed to help you, and your business save money as the AI technology build into programmatic ad buying identified the best possible buying options for the money for each campaign. Our PPC managers can set the algorithm for spending that the programmatic buying follows to ensure the best possible cost per ad is acquired to boost your advertising performance. With an in-depth audit of your existing account we can use these learnings to further progress your programmatic advertising.

Programmatic advertising can benefit businesses across a range of industries. From finance to automotive, retail to healthcare, a programmatic advertisement plan could be the perfect pay per click marketing for your business. We’ve helped businesses from a variety of industries, both large and small, select the optimal PPC advertising campaign structure for them, and programmatic marketing could be your ideal paid advertising strategy. Fill out the form below to speak to one of our PPC experts who will guide you through the best PPC strategy for your business, your clients and your goals.

Programmatic advertising and programmatic marketing refer to the same thing and focus on the use of automation in buying and selling advertising and media. With this in mind, the same benefits of programmatic ad buying, minimal waste and acute campaign tracking relate to both terms. A programmatic marketing plan can be devised alongside other pay-per-click campaign methods and used to boost all your paid advertising services’ efficiency and accuracy. Speak to a member of our PPC team today to build an ideal paid advertising strategy bespoke to your company, so we can help you reach your digital marketing goals.

Programmatic advertising services can vary in response time, depending on your ad strategy, target audience and PPC ad data. However, the benefits of programmatic display ad data insights can be felt almost immediately, as the programmatic advertising technology will help identify areas within your PPC campaign to improve. Over time, your programmatic advertising strategy will grow from strength to strength and deliver leading paid advertising ROI as you will experience minimal ad spending wastage. Our PPC team will discuss the expected projection of your campaign with you during the set-up process and deliver monthly reports on your programmatic advertising services.

Yes – we deliver UK-wide programmatic advertising, and can also assist international brands with their PPC. We have helped businesses across the globe to achieve local, national or international results through programmatic search ads and have worked with a range of companies to help improve their PPC. As a remote remarketing agency, we can help business owners across the world make the most of their pay per click marketing and implement an effective programmatic advertising strategy to help drive your business’ traffic and ROI.

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