Welcoming Our Latest PPC Manager To The Team!


It’s been one heck of a year, but we’ve been fortunate enough to take the pandemic on as an opportunity and have since implemented a complete working from home strategy which has allowed us to recruit some of the top talent from across the UK. Our latest hire to join us is Sofia, who now supports our PPC department and their growing client base.  

We took some time to speak with Sofia to learn more about her experience and what she hopes to bring to the agency as she continues to learn about the marketing industry. Here’s what she had to say!

01. What  past experience do you have  in  marketing?

 My very first active experience in Marketing started as part of my Master’s degree in Digital Marketing. Part of my dissertation was to do an internship at a start-up branding and marketing agency. My role involved mostly SEO and Social Media activity, but I also had the chance to run some Paid activity. This is where I realised I am mostly driven to paid marketing and how even a small investment can lead to some amazing results. 

02. Where  did your passion begin?

Whilst working as a Sales Executive in a car rental company, I was asked to help with the social media accounts for the business. Trying to find the best ways to promote the company led me to an extensive research and lots of reading on the topic. That was when I decided that I need to change my career path and learn more about digital marketing, so I enrolled in a Masters Degree in Digital Marketing in Manchester. 

03. What  inspired you  to  start working within the industry?  

As soon as I finished my Masters, I did all of the Google exam qualifications and was more certain than before that, because of my analytical thinking, marketing should be my next career path. Even though I enjoyed my role at the start-up company, I needed to broaden my horizons and so preferred to apply for a job at an agency where I would have the opportunity to work across different sectors. 

04. What  kind  of projects have you worked on in the past, and which ones are you looking forward to getting stuck into?  

I have worked on a few different projects in the past, mainly within B2C, some non-profit organisations as well as campaigns aiming to increase brand awareness. I am looking forward to work within different sectors and learn more about eCommerce. 

05. What  skills do you have, and where have you applied them?  

Something that characterises me is my can-do attitude. I will try my best to complete any given task or accomplish any challenge. Even if I don’t have the required knowledge, I will research and get to a solution. There was an occasion in my previous job, where a client requested to see some specific stats in their reporting which the account manager at the time wasn’t aware how to do. I took the initiative and after making multiple attempts, I prepared a table with the required information using GA data. 

06. Any  last comments?

It’s been only a couple of weeks since I started at Absolute Digital Media and I have already learned a lot thanks to the amazing and very knowledgeable team! 


For more information or to discuss your own digital marketing requirements, call one of our expert team today on 0800 088 6000.

Sofia Akritidou
Sofia Akritidou
PPC Manager

While working at a car rental company and creating an Instagram profile for them, Sofia started developing a passion for Digital Marketing. That’s when she decided to apply for a read more.

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