Supporting FootActive achieve an impressive 348% increase in revenue

The Client.

After the 2018 Medic update, FootActive experienced a sharp decline of 72.44% in organic search visibility. To improve its EAT and search visibility, we aimed to recover the site. Our goal was to increase organic traffic and revenue through a targeted SEO campaign.

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We are excited to see the positive impact of our multi-service digital approach with FootActive, as it has led to an increase in online visibility and sales right from the start.

The Objectives

FootActive had set clear objectives for their business growth in a highly competitive market. Therefore, we had to act swiftly to ensure that our campaign was profitable right from the beginning.
01. Enhance the brand’s overall visibility.
02. Boost revenue generation
03. Attract a greater number of new visitors to the website
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The Strategy.

FootActive faced a significant setback after the 2018 Medic Update, resulting in a loss of over 50% of their visibility and monthly traffic/revenue. To recover their market positioning, they needed an SEO campaign that could help them improve their website's look, feel, user experience, content, and authority. The competitive nature of the industry meant that they had to focus on improving their Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T).

The Campaign.

To improve their E-A-T, the site's content had to showcase the brand's expertise and authority in the industry. The home page and arch support insoles pages, which drove the most traffic, were targeted first. Their content was completely restructured, rewritten, and re-audited to ensure that it was well-optimised and authoritative. This approach resulted in a significant uplift. However, the momentum needed to be sustained, so the focus shifted to the foot problem pages. The foot problem pages were built out to better target informational search intent and nurture customers from interest to conversion. The paid media team also collaborated to identify new content opportunities based on sales performance of specific keywords or pages. Improving the website's authority was another crucial aspect of the campaign, and well-thought-out digital PR campaigns became a core component of the integrated strategy. The redesign and launch of the website from Magento 1 to Magento 2 also helped improve the website's look, feel, and user experience, which improved the customer journey from the landing page to checkout completion. By analysing heatmapping intelligence, reviewing customer behaviour, and making design and functionality adjustments, the customer journey was further optimised. Overall, the integrated strategy helped FootActive recover and exceed their previous market positioning.
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“After suffering a significant drop in visibility and traffic due to the 2018 Medic Update, we needed a solution to recover and surpass our previous market positioning. Absolute Digital Media's approach was thorough and effective, focusing on improving our E-A-T, redesigning our website, and building authority through digital PR campaigns. We are thrilled with the increase in organic traffic and revenue we've seen since partnering with them, and we highly recommend their services to anyone looking to improve their online presence.”
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