The Hidden Instagram Features You Need To Know

There are hundreds of hacks and features hidden away in Instagram. The problem is that a hidden feature isn’t quite so hidden when it becomes the cliché. If you’re tired of hearing the same tips and tricks, then this is the blog for you. Here are five non-cliché Instagram hacks and hidden features that will take your profile to the next level.

Create line breaks in your caption

This quick hack is a way to improve the aesthetic of your posts without the need for editing or software skills. For this you have two options; either paste your caption into one of the many helpful, free spacing generators online or follow these simple steps:

-Proceed to the caption screen

-Write your caption

-Access the Return key by tapping the “123” key on your device’s keyboard

-Use Return to add breaks to caption

Creating line breaks and aesthetic spacing may seem like unnecessary and timely steps to take, but it is this increased level of effort that will elevate your posts above the Organic media competition and win the engagement of your target audience.

Use your own fonts on stories

Surprisingly, with growing amounts of users keen to document their lives on Instagram Stories, Instagram are still yet to give us more than 10 fonts to choose from. This of course can cause a lot of repetition with your stories and generate a kind of story (ad) fatigue. Luckily, there are plenty of font tools accessible so you can start varying up your stories right away! Simply type your message into your font tool of choice before copying it across into Instagram and posting it into your story.

Plan out your feeds grid

This isn’t so much a hidden feature but it is a great hack to propel your Instagram. It’s incredible how effective a good feed can be. Because Instagram sets out it’s feed in rows of three square boxes it opens up the opportunity to be able to plan out a nice aesthetic. In my experience, three posts is a manageable planning level but anything up to nine allows you to really map out your entire theme across your page.

By ensuring your content is relevant to suit your aesthetic and theme and it will naturally bring in your target audience and increase your engagement.

Expand your use of colour

Instagram’s provided range of colour is rather much like it’s text. It’s just a bit, underwhelming. But a fact that is kept hidden from lots of avid Instagrammers across the world is that you can actually use a whole palette of colours than the ones just offered by the, dare I say, boring default selection tool. And luckily for you, here’s how to do it:

-Simply open stories and select the drawing pen icon

-Click on any colour at the bottom from the default colour palette and make sure to hold down your finger

-As if by magic, a whole gradient palette of colours will appear letting you select the perfect one for your story

As mentioned before, it’s vital to ensure every little feature is right on your social media posts. Unlike paid media or SEO, where bidding often is relied on, organic media posts depend solely on standing out to your prospecting and current audience as well as against the competition.

Add several hashtags to Stories and make them invisible

I came across this hack whilst researching social media influences and it’s a GREAT way to secretly drive up engagement. Hashtags are one of the greatest ways to bring in new, relevant audiences to your feed and story posts. Unfortunately, they can look spammy if you have a tendency to over-use them. This next hack is the perfect way to drive engagement using hashtags without effecting the aesthetic look of your post.

So how to get around spammy Instagram stories? Simple…hide your hashtags! And here’s how:

-Create your hashtags and then drag them into areas of your image that has a solid background

-Use the pen icon to pick up colours within your image before tapping your hashtag to change it’s colour

-It will now be the same colour as your image and therefore invisible to your audience

Tip! Convert To A Business Or Creator Account

This isn’t so much a hack or a feature, but instead a closing tip to ensure you are tracking your Instagram the right way for it to grow. By converting your Instagram to a business or creator account, you receive access to analytics like best posting time and day (broken down by individual day and hour) as well as insights into your audience demographics. Whilst you don’t need to go OTT with these, it really helps in understanding your audience create better content that you can also ensure you are posting at the peak time.

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