#wtfwfh: Content Marketing Tips Worth Writing About

Content marketing is becoming more and more technical. From researching the topic you are writing about, to making sure what you write is written in Google’s (or any other search engines) favour. Here at Absolute Digital Media, we have a content team consisting of 6 writers who support our SEO account managers, curating new and relevant content for our clients daily.

Content marketing is much more than putting a few words down on a page and our content team have taken the time to explain more about this in our latest #wtfwfh webinar.

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How do we think MUM (Multitask Unified Model) will change search for both users and content?

-Google describe it as “a significant event in the evolution of search technologies – 1000x more powerful than BERT.

-BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) was Google’s shift towards Natural Language Processing (NLP) that helped lay the foundations for MUM, overcoming issues with context.

-Things always evolve, and perhaps this (MUM) would reduce the need for SEO.

Why is it important that personal branding is embraced by businesses?

-Employees who build a personal brand through social channels, blogs and more can help elevate the business.

-Businesses who embrace their employees carrying out personal branding allows for the creation of opportunities for themselves and for their employees.

We all know that high-quality content is a top ranking factor, so is being customer-centric the way to go?

-Writing for users and not just the bots is the best way to increase engagement.

-Ensure you keep an eye on trends in keyword – we’ve seen a 60% growth in mobile searches for “similar to” in the past 2 years, as well as “brands like” and “stores like”.

-Mobile searches for “under £” have grown by 175% in past two years.

What could the changes mean for search and ranking?

-Changes will mean optimising needs to be on point as users will spend less time searching around.

-There is the potential that MUM will pull data from multiple websites to provide an answer, which could mean ranking for search terms could dramatically change.

-We are moving towards a more voice, rather than text based search.

With all the talk about AI and the future, how can we keep content human?

-Salesforce did a consumer report in 2019 which showed that 52% of consumers feel companies are generally impersonal.

-Provide transparency and honesty – build trust.

-Write simply and from a human perspective, rather than as company bot – aiming for an original voice in your industry can make the difference.

-Engage with customers and don’t talk at them – ask questions, interact on social and share the humans within your company – don’t be another faceless brand!


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Thomas Scott
Thomas Scott
Paid Media Executive

Tom has always had a passion for creating content and analysing its impact on social media or elsewhere online. After finishing his A-Levels, Tom went on to successfully complete a read more.

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