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Why Is Good UX Important

good ux is important

When selling a product or service online, you need to create relevant, meaningful experiences for users in order to encourage them to further interact with your site. It’s not just about the design of your website either, as good UX is often defined by users being able to find the information they are looking for.

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As part of our digital media services, we encourage clients on get on board with improving their sites user experience and, as a result, many see an increase in customer acquisition, retention and productivity. Our experience team provide an analytical approach and create ROI-focused designs to boost conversions across all device. To find out more about how it works, get in touch on 0800 088 600 today.

Table of Contents

  • What Is UX
  • The Importance of User Experience
  • Test How Users Experience Your Website
  • Improving Your Website’s UX in 2020
  1. Personalising the Experience
  2. Optimising Page Speed
  3. Using Attractive CTAs
  4. Using Images, Wisely
  5. Providing Consistency

What Is UX

With the rise in technology, SEO and other digital marketing service are now more closely aligned with User Experience than ever before. But, what is it?

User Experience or “UX” is:

user experience quote

But what does this mean, exactly?

User Experience can be interpreted in a number of ways and is often spoken about in different perspectives – but its importance never goes amiss!

The Importance of User Experience

User experience is a key part of any marketing campaign, enabling business to strike the right balance between existing and future users needs and those they want you to make. It will give potential customers confidence in your brand, positively reflecting your business. After all, if you are unable to deliver a compatible website, how can you provide a great product or service?

A major part of “good design” is predictability or understanding that everything will be exactly where it should be. Essentially, you want to help your audience locate what they’re looking for, even if they aren’t initially sure of what they want to find.

But what’s the significance of this?

Through providing users with a good online experience, you will gain a greater competitive advantage, attracting new customers and business. Good UX can also help build strong customer retention, which is key as the competition continues to grow as a result of ongoing technological developments.

From a business perspective, good UX can also result in lower support costs, as less training and support is required in the long term. This also reduces time amount of time spent redoing or fixing mistakes that could have been avoided in the first place. As such, you can expect increased productivity and proactivity.

Test How Users Experience Your Website

To gain a greater understand of how users experience your website, you’ll need to conduct multiple tests. Through testing what you think users do and what users actually do, you can reveal the steps users take on your site:

UX venn diagram

There are several ways to measure your website’s UX including by:

  • Tracking the amount of time users spend filling out a form
  • Identifying how users navigate and interact with your website
  • Collating feedback from your customers
  • Monitoring frequent customer questions
  • Identifying how many user’s complete checkout
  • Checking the loading speed of your site
  • Conducting usability testing

Through conducting these tests, you can identify the parts of your website that need improving in order to boost your sites overall user experience. Once implemented, you will begin to reap the benefits of a good web design and user experience, growing your brand and increasing customer confidence.

improving your user experience

Improving Your Website’s UX in 2020

Now that you understand what User Experience is, it’s time to identify the ways in which you can improve your website’s UX. We’ve noted some of our most favourable methods to good UX below:

1.     Personalising the Experience

One of the most important factors of good user experience is the ability to personalise the experience. This involves offering something useful based on your audience’s characteristics, behaviours and attributes – or – making sure that your site is targeted towards users’ needs.

2.     Optimising Page Speed

There are a number of ways you can increase your page speed from reducing the number of redirects, to optimising images to improve the server response time. CDNs or “content distribution networks” can also be utilised to distribute the load of delivering content. By using a CDN, copies on your website will be stored a multiple data centres to provide users with fast, more reliable access.

3.     Using Attractive CTAs

Having multiple CTAs on your website is one thing, but they’re unlikely to encourage your audience to convert unless they look good. As such, the design of your sites call-to-actions are crucial. They must convince people to take action by promoting users what they should do.

4.     Using Images, Wisely

Like the CTAs on your site, images can be used to capture user’s attention and help your product or service stand out. They’re there for a purpose – and that purpose is more than just to make your website look “pretty”. Be sure to only use relevant images that tell and story and fit the purpose of your product!

5.     Providing Consistency

Consistency helps to improve user experience, reducing confusion whilst ensuring that users have all the information they need to make an informed decision when purchasing your product or service.

If you haven’t already considering the ways you can improve your sites UX, you should. There are a number of benefits of doing so, including reduced development times and a positive increase in customer acquisition, retention and in-house productivity.

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For more information about improving your sites user experience, get in touch with a member of our expert team on 0800 088 6000 today.


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